CEO Prologue

With growing environmental concerns and global climate change advanced by industrialization and urbanization, the economic value of water has become more valuable and essential than ever.

The Global Water Intelligence predicts Water market will increase to $865 billion by 2025 from $482.8 billion in 2010. Further the world famous economics magazine, Fortune, predicts that

“Water industry will surpass the Petroleum industry by this 21st century”.

Having been provided many benefits worldwide in the wastewater treatment field through innovatively cost-effective technologies and engineering consulting services, Rothwell has developed a highly respected reputation for efficient, reliable low cost BNR wastewater projects internationally for the past 20 years.

Rothwell Korea Co., Ltd. and Rothwell Associates Canada pioneered biological nutrient removal processes have provided extensive consulting services related to CSBR™ technology.

Rothwell Watertech Glocal Inc. was newly established in 2012 to serve total engineering, project development, financial and business solutions throughout project life cycles with extensive project management experience from Turn Key to BOT/PPP projects for various applications.

With all the combination of exceptional competency in advanced engineering services, cost effective international technologies and highly effective project management services, now Rothwell has comprised of Project Financing, R&D and Advanced Process Design, Procurement Services, Construction Management, Operation & Maintenance linked Performance Guarantees.

This new and powerful experienced team is now positioned to the advanced local and global water availability, reuse and sustainability worldwide. And thus the Rothwell Group is poised to participate as one of the World Top 10 in Water technology markets in coming years, providing these unique services, experience and technologies with likeminded partner firms, clients and end-users around the world.