Name of ProjectFlow [m3/day]CountryStatusProcess
Bakdal WWTP (Underground) 250,000 South KoreaUnder detailed designCSBR
Byeolrae WWTP (Underground) 27,000 South KoreaStart-up Dec. 2012CSBR
Byukje WWTP 30,000 South KoreaComplete 2006CSBR
CAP CANA 110,000 Dominican RepublicIn operationMSBR
Charoen Pokhand Poultry Processing WWTP 6,600 U.S.AComplete 1998MSBR
Cumana East WWTP 25,000 VenezuelaComplete 1999MSBR
Daegu Technpolice Industrial WWTP (Underground) 4,500 South KoreaStart-up May 2012CSBR
D'Clase Industrial/Zona Franca Gurabo WWTP 1,700 Dominican RepublicIn operationMSBR
Estevan WWTP 6,000 CanadaComplete 1995MSBR
Gulhwa WWTP (Underground) 47,000 South KoreaComplete 2011MSBR
Gwangyang WWTP 24,000 South KoreaComplete 2002MSBR
Huai'an Municipal WWTP 20,000 ChinaComplete 2007CSBR
Incheon International Airport High Strength WWRP 20,000 South KoreaComplete 2000MSBR
Jeonju WWTP 100,000 South KoreaComplete 2004CSBR
Jiaozhou Textile Industrial Park 100% WWTP 20,000 ChinaComplete 2006CSBR
Jinkun Municipal & Textile Industrial WWTP 80,000 South KoreaComplete 2003CSBR
JinKun-II WWTP (Underground) 20,000 South KoreaComplete 2011CSBR
Juangriego WWTP 10,000 VenezuelaComplete 1990MSBR
Jumunjin WWTP 12,000 South KoreaStart-up 2013CSBR
Kunjang Industrial Park 100% WWTP 30,000 South KoreaComplete 2006CSBR
Mariposa WWTP 207,360 VenezuelaComplete 1999MSBR
Marys Ville WWTP 40,000 U.S.AIn operationMSBR
Minrak WWTP (Underground) 16,000 South KoreaStart-up Nov. 2012CSBR
Okotoks WWTP 3,000 CanadaComplete 1998MSBR
Poseung Industrial 75% & Municipal 25% WWTP 58,000 South KoreaComplete 2010CSBR
Punta Gorda WWTP 80,000 VenezuelaComplete 1996MSBR
Samsong WWTP (Underground) 16,000 South KoreaStart-up May 2012CSBR
Sanming Municipal WWTP 80,000 ChinaComplete 2004CSBR
Shenzhen Municipal WWTP 120,000 ChinaComplete 2001MSBR
Songjiang East Municipal WWTP 30,000 ChinaComplete 2004MSBR
Sosabeol WWTP (Underground) 22,000 South KoreaComplete 2012MSBR
Taiyuan Iron and Steel Ind. WWTP 50,000 CanadaIn operationMSBR
WonnungWWTP 80,000 South KoreaComplete 2008CSBR
Wuxi Municipal WWTP 30,000 ChinaComplete 2003MSBR
Yeosu WWTP 110,000 South KoreaComplete 2004CSBR

Vacuum Degassing

Name of PlantFlow [m3/day]CountryYearRemark
Babiak600Poland2007BNR upgrade
Biskupiec Pomorski980Poland2006BNR upgrade
Cedry Wielkie600Poland2006BNR upgrade
Czestochowa 70,000 Poland2010Upgrade
Dzierzgon 2,300 Poland1999New facility
Gdansk 6,000 Poland2009New facility
Gdansk 6,000 Poland2006BNR upgrade
Gorzow 27,000 Poland2007BNR upgrade
Jawor 6,000 Poland2005BNR upgrade
Kaliska500Poland2002BNR upgrade
Lubochnia Dworska 1,000 Poland2000New facility
Luzino850Poland2010New facility (addition)
Luzino650Poland1997New facility
Milakowo650Poland2006BNR upgrade
Moszczenica850Poland2010New facility (addition)
Moszczenica650Poland1997New facility
Pieniezno 1,300 Poland1997New facility
Przodkowo600Poland2001BNR upgrade
Qinghe 150,000 Poland2008BNR upgrade
Qinghe Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant 120,000 China2008BNR Upgrade
Redzikowo 1,050 Poland1997BNR upgrade
Swarozyn550Poland1995New facility
Sztum 5,500 Poland1995New facility
Tartu 20,500 Estonia2004BNR upgrade
Turawa 4,000 Poland1998New facility
Witnica 1,400 Poland2010New facility (addition)
Witnica 1,400 Poland2006New facility
Witnica 1,000 Poland1999New facility
Zerkow750Poland2007BNR upgrade

BIO MEDIA – Industrial (Up to 5,000m3)

Name of PlantReactor (m3)CountryYear
AO Kondopoga 14,000 Russia2000/2004
Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper 17,400 Russia2007
Bahia Sul 15,000 Brazil2007
Bhadrachalam 6,400 India2007
Billerud Gruv?n Mill 6,000 Sweden2006
CMPC Inforsa 6,000 Chile2006
CMPC Laja 7,700 Chile2005
CMPC Pacifico 5,500 Chile2009
CMPC Puente Alto 5,500 Chile2006
CMPC Santa Fe 9,000 Chile2006
Fraser Papers, Maine 6,000 USA2002
Norske Skog Follum 8,000 Japan2007
Papelera Sniace 10,690 Spain2010
Quesnel River Pulp 6,000 Canada2005
Rottneros Utansj? 7,350 Sweden2005
SCA Graphic Ortviken 10,000 Sweden2004
SCA Packaging Munksund 11,200 Sweden2009
Stendal Mill 6,100 Germany2004
Stora Enso Anjalankoski 8,000 Finland2005

BIO MEDIA – Municipal  (Up to 2,000m3)

Name of PlantReactor (m3)CountryYear
Broomfield, Colorado 4,697 USA2002
Corby STW 4,000 United Kingdom1998
EDAR Gav?-Viladecans 12,000 Spain2010
EDAR Vilareal 4,908 Portugal2010
Fields Point WWTP, RI 34,200 USA2010
Gardermoen 5,790 Norway1998
Lille Marquette 14,630 France2012
Lillehammer 3,840 Norway1994
Nyk?ping 3,660 Sweden1998
Pyewipe 3,960 United Kingdom1998
RA-2 19,000 Norway2002
R?ti 8,349 Switzerland2004
Sj?lunda 6,230 Sweden1998
TEDA West WWTP (Phase 1) 4,200 China2006
Trois Fronti?res CC3F 8,000 France2008
Uddebo wwtp 2,700 Sweden2008
Visby 5,800 Sweden2007
Wildcat Hill WWTP, Flagstaff, AZ 6,600 USA2008
Yucaipa WWTP 4,037 USA2007

GRP Pipe

Project NameSpecCountryDatenote
Semanggi ProjectGRP Pipe, D400, PN10, Extension 500mIndonesia2011. 11Demonstration PJT,
Palangkaraya ProjectGRP Pipe, D600, PN10, Extension 7,143mIndonesia2011.11
Siem Reap
WWTP Project
GRP Pipe D400~700 3,500m & #1,2 Manhole 238 SitesCambodia2012.05
Porong ProjectGRP Pipe, D450, PN16, Extension 9,460mIndonesia2013.04
BanJar Bakula ProjectGRP Pipe, D1100, PN6, Extension 1,726mIndonesia2013.08
Pontianak ProjectGRP Pipe, D450, PN10, Extension 6,450mIndonesia2013.08.19Áß

Consulting Performance

Name of PlantFlow (m3/d )CountryStatusProcessRemark
Pohang Wastewater Treatment Plant25,000South Korea2003Bio-SAC Media
Gaeun Wastewater Treatment Plant2,000South Korea2003Queensland
Kumi Wastewater Treatment Plant330,000South Korea2005DNRBNR Upgrade
MNB Very High Strength Chemical Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant340South Korea2008MBBR Media
Uijeongbu Wastewater Treatment Plant200,000South Korea2009MLEBNR Upgrade
Suwon Phase-1 Wastewater Treatment Plant220,000South Korea2009TECBNR Upgrade