Technology Introduction


Rothwell's key proprietary brand is the CSBR™ Process which has been
proven to most economical, smallest activated sludge footprint with a very stable high treatment
efficiency in both domestic and industrial wastewater treatment project.

Bio Media using the MBBR media style (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) has proven
to be an effective option for upgrading existing WWTP project with its doubling
capability of organic and nitrifying treatment characteristic.

Another innovative way of enhancing the treatment efficiency of existing
activated sludge WWTP is to use of Vacuum Degassing of Mixed Liquor (MLSS)
technology by improving the settling and thickening of MLSS in secondary clarifiers.

Utmost principles in the past proven experience has provided world class
best solutions with Rothwell clients and End-users today.


Leading advanced wastewater treatment process with eminent technology and performance, and economic feasibility.


CSBR + MBR process capable of producing high quality recycled water

Vacuum Degassing

Innovative process that maximizes wastewater treatment efficiency


High class treatment process utilizing qualified media/activated sludge

GRP Pipe

Safe, Economical and rustless pipe