The first MBBR process for municipal wastewater treatment was put into operation in Norway in the early 1990s. Today, with more than 200 municipal installations, the MBBR is one of the most well documented biological solutions for treatment of municipal wastewater. Which is very flexible and versatile technology, the bio media process can be designed for different municipal applications and levels of treatment. And typically applicable mode is divided two different types as below


This Bio Media is a Kaldnes Media™ which patent and property is attributed to Veolia. Rothwell conducts the customized consulting and design of wastewater plant using this patent bio media

biomedia process 1biomedia process 2

Apply to existing Bio-Reactor

  • Increase BOD/COD and MLSS concentrate in reactor
  • Increase denitrification of activated sludge and treatment of T-P


Apply prior to Bio-Reactor

  • As pretreatment, applicable to high concentrate load of influent water
  • Increase denitrification of activated sludge and removal capability of T-P

Major Feature of Technology


  • Small footprint
  • Low investment cost

Robustness and operational liability

  • Stable under large load variations
  • Tolerant to disturbances
  • Recovers very quickly after major upsets
  • No clogging of reactors
  • No risk of sludge bulking


  • Almost any shape of reactors can be utilized
  • Possibility to utilize existing tanks for bioreactors
  • Easy to expand in future