Rothwell has developed CMBRTM process for the strict effluent trend according to the country`s developing stage and/or client`s need by just simple modification. CSBRTM is an evolved international patent pending technology of CSBRTM Two different membrane type, large pore size membrane and/or advanced membrane will fulfill client`s need according to the stricter effluent criteria.

Phase I beginning installation, CSBR

  • Efficient and secured waste water treatment process
  • Excellent capability and experience of Business development, Consulting, Design, O&M

Phase II for Developing Country, Advanced CMBR

  • Aim to retain low cost on treatment and operation even though the local country`s water discharge regulation are increased but not too much
  • If the operation cost is expensive unnecessarily comparison with regulation, Advanced CSBR would be solution as modifying current process using vacuum degassing or MBBR process

Phase III for Advanced Country

  • Compromised of advanced MBR process which generateshigh treatment outcome and economical efficient
  • Compromising process which featuring outstanding energy efficiency and water quality such as advanced membrane and aeration blow
  • Available process to water reuse for industrial or irrigation

Major Feature of process


  • Continuing use of existing structure
  • Simply upgradable by installation of partition on the reactor

Economic efficiency

  • Reduce construction cost by minimizing civil work
  • Cost reduction by minimizing “Foot Print”
  • Economically efficient equipment such as aeration, pump, pre-chemical treatment, etc. will reduce energy and operation cost

Versatile applicability

  • Apply customized MBR for each client`s need to guarantee discharge guideline
  • Reuse and improve water quality through phosphorus removal equipment and R/O
  • Promote to sustainable development by improving water source quality and water recycle