Constant Level and Continuous Flow Sequencing Batch Reactor

State-of-the-art Wastewater Treatment Technology
: Low Cost, Small Footprint and Easy Operation & Maintenance
  • CSBRTM modified sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process was developed in the early 1990’s based on an in-depth study of the advantages and disadvantages of various conventional technologies.

  • CSBRTM process is suitable for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters which is amenable to biological process for BOD, NH3-N, TKN, NO3/NO2-N, TN, TP and TSS removal. Since 1995, the CSBRTM process has been used in wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) projects internationally

csbr 3d view

Process Flow Diagram

Process Flow Diagram


  • Achieves stable treated water quality year round

  • Excellent T-N, T-P removal by controlling of Anoxic/Anaerobic Cells loadings as needed

Lowest Capital Cost / Minimized Foot Print

  • Minimizing head loss in reactor by integrated single structure

  • Smallest footprint with no independent secondary clarifiers

  • Convenient modified cell shape to optimally fit the land dimensions


  • More than 30 proven experiences on wastewater treatment plants over the world

  • Proven technology by many operators CSBRTM Project experience internationally


  • Minimum operators by automatic operation

  • Maintenance & repair of all diffusers without emptying tankage by use of retrievable equipment systems

  • No interrupted continuous flow using novel fixed type decanters

Major Feature of Process

Retrievable Aeration System

Retrievable Aeration System

  • High oxygen transfer efficiency (25~35%)

  • Available to replace membranes and diffusers even in operation

Hydraulic Decanter(Discharging System)

Hydraulic Decanter

  • Performing the function of discharge/RAS by natural pressure

  • Avoid causing trouble on account of fixed type

TRAS(Thickened Sludge Wasting System)


  • Equal wasting of highly concentrated sludge

  • Easy MLSS control in reactor



  • Leading optimum flow in reactor by hydraulic simulation

  • Achieve stable treated water by minimizing solid carryover