GRP Pipe

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pipe

Being fabricated on unsaturated polyester resin, GRP pipe is to provide effective and stable water supply by superior leak tightness against subsoil variations result from earthquake or settlement of poor ground. It comprises sand to enhance stiffness and high elastic glass fiber to improve performance against internal pressure.
grp pipe

Major Feature of Product

High Stiffness/High Elasticity

  • Glass fiber has excellent elasticity for restoring back to the original shape

  • The pipe is designed to endure high dynamic loads


  • The most-advanced winding method to establish resistance to high pressure
  • GRP pipe is easy to adjust the length of pipe at a job site and reduce the time for customization and the emergency restoration

Stability/Maintenance Ability

  • The linear expansion coefficient (n=0.010) is superior to the other pipes with slippery interior surface like glass. Thus the GRP pipe can convey more amount of water economically.

  • Specifically-structured EPDM(Elastomer) coupling used for pipe joint shows excellent tightness. It shows excellent leak-free characteristics under adverse conditions such as unsettled subsurface or ground settlement.

  • GRP pipe is less dependent to temperature than other materials (Cast Iron, Steel, HDPE etc.)